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Why Dreamavoo Travel & Tours?
Luxury is Personal. Travel Experiences Curated For You.
What we do
Dreamavoo Travel & Tours is a luxury travel agency specializing in creating extraordinary experiences, tailor made to meet your every need!

Some of our clients are independent and adventurous, others want group tours with an escorted itinerary, and others prefer exclusive VIP itinerary with every stitch of every day crafted just the way they want it. The luxury is in the authenticity of the experiences and the trip. It’s up to you and your travel preferences.

Dreamavoo… It’s your dreams realized!
Dreamavoo works with solo travellers, couples, families, groups of friends and families, groups of executives, and companies to create bespoke private or group custom-fit to you. 

Tell us your travel dreams and our trip advisors will craft a journey exclusively for you and your groups.

Dreamavoo Team
We are a San Diego, CA and Lancaster, PA County Team but can assist any client virtually

The Dreamavoo Way
Dreamavoo realizes that we all have different dreams and we all must have the opportunity to design our dream trip from scratch. Our travel advisors’ mission is getting to know you and suggesting an itinerary customized to your needs and wants. We will hand you an itinerary with, and only with, experiences dear to your heart, the best hotels and the unforgettable parts of your desired destinations.
Luxury is Personal.

Whether this is your first trip or your hundreds, Dreamavoo specializes in drafting travel experiences curated for you! Do you wish to visit its highlights or would you rather stray away from the conventional and enter the most authentic spots? Do you prefer boutique hotel, ritzy hotel, business hotel, private residence, villa, chateau or your own private island? Do you travel solo, with family or friends, or with a group? Do you want to celebrate a special occasion? Would you rather move by train or with a private chauffeur? For us, every detail is important.  

Dreamavoo takes a collaborative approach in planning and designing your dream trips
Learn more about our innovative approach

  • 1. Initial Consultation & Vision: We begin this process with a phone call or meeting, where we learn all about you and your travel dreams, goals, and preferences. Together, we uncover your vision for the perfect trip.
  • 2. Research & Planning: After our introductory call, service proposal delivered and contract signed, we get to work. Using our extensive worldwide network of travel contacts, we start researching, planning and designing your experience. We work with you as much (or as little) as ...
  • 3. Collaboration and Confirmation: After your travel itinerary has been perfected, we work on bookings and reservations and remain actively engaged with you and our partners throughout the process. We confirm bookings, special requests, upgrades, and amenities. We make sure that you are all...
  • 4. Experience: While you are off relaxing and exploring, we are working behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly. We prep all of our partners for your arrive, and we are always available if you need any assistance.
  • 5. Share: Welcome back! We know that you are super excited to come back and want to talk about your awesome adventures. Once you are ready, we want hear everything about it and relive the magic of your trip. We love living vicariously through you and learning about ...


Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or comments you have.
Luxury is personal. Travel experiences curated for you!
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