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Customized Travel Planning & Concierge Services
Travel Experiences Curated For You 
Your Time Is Valuable -- Save your time and energy for building anticipation and excitement about your next big trip, not for the anxiety and stress of trying to plan it! Let us help and handle all of your travel planning.

Dreamavoo specializes in drafting travel experiences curated for you!

The process of researching and putting together a customized, bespoke proposal that matches your travel desires takes time. The trip planning fee covers initial consultation and discussion of your trip dreams and expectations, time spent researching, developing, and revising a proposal to create the perfect customized itinerary, booking and managing all components, and support while traveling. The travel-planning and consultation fee varies based on the length and complexity of the trip and starts at $100 per person.

Because it covers the initial consultation, research, and time spent on the proposal, this fee will be charged at time of proposal delivery, regardless of whether a client books a trip with us. When, however, a client books a trip with us, this fee also covers travel support during the trip, and booking of the trip itself.

Air Inclusive Vacation or Tour Package, or Cruises Bookings
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Hotel Only Bookings though our Signature or Ensemble Luxury Collection Program - No Fees!

We pride ourselves in our solid vendor relationships at 4 and 5-star, luxury hotels and resorts throughout the world. These unparalleled relationships allow us to offer exceptional value-added amenities and VIP experiences to your hotel stays. When you book through us we can you make you a VIP and get perks and benefits at Signature Travel Network or Ensemble Travel Group and partner hotels that you cannot get when you book directly or through an online booking engine. For hotel-only bookings that require no additional consultation or travel planning services, we do not charge any booking or planning fees.

Enjoy valuable privileges at over 1,100 of the finest hotels worldwide.

These valuable benefits often include amenities such as:

· Complimentary Breakfast for two

· Upgrades (on arrival, subject to availability)

· Resort, Food & Beverage or Spa credit (usually valued at $100 per stay)

· Early check-in/check-out (subject to availability)

*Please note that if the hotel is not a member of Ensemble Travel Group or a preferred partner, we may not be able to get you additional benefits.

As a complimentary service, we are always happy to provide a few the first two quotes/options for you to choose from. However more time-intensive requests requiring sourcing options from an extended list of vetted options will be charged $50.00/per reservation. For more comprehensive assistance, we can discuss and see if a full-service customized itinerary makes more sense.

Late Booking Fees of $50 for all hotels requested within 5 days prior to departure.

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