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Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
Romance is personal. Romance celebration custom-tailored to the couple.

Dreamavoo knows that both luxury and romance are personal, especially when planning a wedding and honeymoon. We specialize in custom travel packages with unique travel itineraries tailored to the couple and guests, curating the finest in luxury travel. Dreamavoo advisors believe in creating memories that will last a lifetime. We guide our clients to help them make magical moments that will last forever and make dreams come true.

Our focus is designing unique and memorable destination weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, vow renewals, family vacations and other special celebration events with the highest level of customized service. We take the stress out of planning your perfect day.

  • Destination Weddings
    Destination Weddings

    With the increase in wedding expenses and costs, couples and their families are opting to do destination weddings in a different state or internationally because they can cost less than half as much as a traditional at-home celebration. Cost is not the only reason to jetting off to another state or abroad for your nuptials. Learn more about how we can help create your amazing, customized celebration experience and send you home with countless, unique memories (and photos!) that will last a lifetime.

  • Exclusive Specials for Destination Weddings in Mexico & the Caribbeans

    *Receive up to $2,500 off at your choice of over 230 resorts!

    Open air wedding in Mauritius

    *Receive up to $2,500 off at your choice of over 230 resorts!

    Looking for ways to save on a destination wedding? Receive major wedding discounts at our top-notch, preferred partner hotels and resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean and receive up to $2,500 off BOOK BY 05/31/2021.

    Terms & Conditions: The couple must purchase Cancel for Any Reason Insurance Waiver to qualify for this promotion. Offer is valid for any wedding or social group, not yet booked or confirmed when the couple signs and maintains a group contract with Dreamavoo between March 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021 for travel from March 1, 2021 – December 31, 2023 to select Preferred and Approved Partner Hotels. Certain hotel black-out dates may apply.

    The credit earned by the couple will be based upon the number of fully paid and traveled rooms per group, with a 3-night minimum stay per room. Complimentary "comp" rooms/passengers earned from hotel promotions are not considered paid and traveled rooms and will NOT count towards the total number of paid and traveled rooms needed in this promotion. For example: if group size is 10 rooms and the hotel offers 1 free room for every 10 booked, the total number of paid and traveled rooms that will count towards this promotion is nine. In addition, canceled rooms, with or without insurance, will also not count towards the total number of paid and traveled rooms booked in this promotion.

    Couple will receive a $750 credit when booking 10-14 paid and traveled rooms, a $1,000 credit when booking 15-19 paid andtraveled rooms, a $1,500 credit when booking 20-24 paid and traveled rooms and a $2,000 credit when booking 25 or more paidand traveled rooms OR when staying at select hotels, Couple will receive a $1,000 credit when booking 10-14 paid and traveledrooms, a $1,250 credit when booking 15-19 paid and traveled rooms, a $2,000 credit when booking 20-24 paid and traveled roomsand a $2,500 credit when booking 25 or more paid and traveled rooms.

    Credit amounts are not earned cumulatively. The applicable credit amount will be applied to the room portion of the couple’s travelinvoice at the time of final payment. If the qualifying tier changes at the time of travel as a result of cancellations and/or complimentary rooms/nights/passengers, the couple will be responsible for any balance owed. The balance due will be taken fromthe complimentary rooms/nights/passengers earned and/or collected from the couple.

    If the amount of the credit exceeds the total amount of the couple's room portion of their reservation, no cash refund will be given.Credit is non-transferable and cannot be used towards a future trip. Offer combinable with other current resort promotions, ifapplicable but restrictions may apply. Couple must book their room reservation within the Dreamavoo group contract to receive allpromotion benefits. Only guest rooms booked within the group contract will count towards earning the credit. ONLY Applicable to US residents whose travel originates from US cities.

  • FAQs for Destination Weddings & Celebration Travel Events
    FAQs for Destination Weddings & Celebration Travel Events

    What percentage of invited guests attend a destination wedding?

    For destination weddings, the percentage of guests that will attend will vary significantly, typically on the location abroad, time of the year and cost. We have found that between 35% and 75% of those invited will typically show up for a ceremony or reception. If it’s a domestic destination wedding, as a general rule of thumb, 60% – 70% of the guests invited will attend.

    Where can I have my destination wedding ceremony?

    Although most couples automatically assume that their only option is a beach wedding, many resorts in Mexico & the Caribbeans now give the option of hosting weddings in different locations (on the Golf Course, Sky Terrace overlooking the ocean which allows for a beach vibe where you can still wear heels, in a Ballroom or Foyer, beach or garden Gazebo, private garden location, etc.).

    Couples looking for a religious ceremony, destination weddings allow them to think outside the box with chapels overlooking the ocean. Destination weddings have come a long way from beach only locations!

    And, if you don’t envision a beach wedding with toes in the sand, you can skip the beach altogether and choose a cultural/historical setting or a specific location that is special to you. Dreamavoo specializes in custom curated travel planning and can help you plan your destination wedding of your dream.

    If we select to have our special event outdoors, what happens if it rains?

    Dreamavoo will work with the resorts/venues to always have a contingency plan set in plan. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck outside if it’s pouring on your wedding day. We will help you negotiate your venue contract to always have option 2 stated. The resort will reserve an outdoor location and an indoor location for you. If the forecast calls for rain, your coordinator will ask you that early afternoon if you wish to go ahead and move your wedding to a location inside such as a ballroom or a nice foyer. The wedding coordinators always have a back-up plan so you don’t have to worry!

    What are the savings? What is the average cost of a destination wedding?

    In 2019, the average cost of a destination wedding was $8,237*, inclusive of airfare, accommodations and the wedding package itself… a much cheaper option than the average US-based celebration, which cost couples nearly $40,000 in 2019 on average. Of course, depending on your style and budget, this cost could fluctuate dramatically. Our couples have had simple weddings for 20 guests, and they’ve had extravagant weddings with all the glitz and glamour for 200 guests. These weddings have ranged from $5K – $50K, but the average is roughly $10K for 50 guests. Remember, the #1 most important factor is guest count. The more people you have, the larger the budget should be. Besides the overall cost savings, keep in mind, when tying the knot at an all-inclusive resort venue, your cost includes all meals, drinks and on-site entertainment/activities, as well as key components to the wedding itself, including ceremony and reception decor, flowers, music, and sometimes even photography!

    Nevertheless, most couples are more concerned for their guests to attend their destination wedding and their budget… The cost will heavily depend on the departure city, destination and resort chosen, as well as the time of year. In our experience, if two guests are departing from the United States, and they’re sharing a room to a destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean, these guests will pay, on average, $1,500 per person for a package that includes roundtrip airfare, roundtrip airport transfers, and all-inclusive premium accommodations for 4 nights/5 days, As an estimate, the average range is $1,200-$1,800 per person. Dreamavoo can be the main point of contact to coordinate your guests’ travel plans so that you can enjoy this memorable experience.

    Is there a specific time of the year that is better?

    Specific to Mexico and the Carbbeans, the most expensive time of the year to travel is during holiday weekends or peak travel season which begins in Mid-December and goes into April. Mid-season starts in April and goes through the end of August. This is also a very popular time for weddings since children are typically out of school for summer break. September through Mid-December is considered low season due to the weather and hurricane season. During this time, we tend to see the least expensive travel packages.

    What are the First Steps of a destination wedding plan?

    First, what do you envision your celebration to be like? Similar to travel, weddings are deeply personal so the couple need to decide first and foremost what the "Pefect Day" should be like. Then, Dreamavoo recommends setting an amount that you feel comfortable asking your guests to spend in order to attend your wedding, and then we can help narrow down the options based on your needs.

    When do we need to book and send out the invitations?

    For traditional weddings here in the states, you would typically send your invites out a couple of months before the wedding; however, with destination weddings, we recommend that you send out your invites at least 8 months in advance so that your guests can place a deposit on their rooms at least 6 months prior to your big day. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of the resort selling out or the price increasing substantially before your guests book, but it will also allow you to get a more accurate headcount so you can plan accordingly. The sooner you have a final headcount, the sooner you’ll be able to finalize your wedding details!

    Do you have other recommendations?

    When traveling to a foreign country, it’s important for you and your guests to pre-book your roundtrip transportation between the airport and the resort. We recommend doing this beforehand to ensure your guests have a stress-free arrival and don’t have to worry about hailing a cab in a foreign country or trying to get an Uber that may or may not be available. It also offers the convenience of having a pre-vetted company that handles transfers daily in the destination.

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